Playlist #1

Hello my beautiful stars! ⭐ 🌟

Good morning!  

Happy Friday! !! 

It’s finally Friday!  

Hooray! 🤗
Today I want to talk about what is on my Playlist this month! 

😲 (no makeup or product reviews today! OMG the world is going to end!) 

😎 (no worries. The worst that can happen is that it rains all day. Lol These kind of things happen.)

Okay back to the subject at hand. I want to share the songs I can’t get enough of this month! Here we go!

1. War of Hearts song by: Ruelle

2. Down song by: Marian Hill

3. Million Reasons song by: Lady Gaga

4. Issues song by: Julia Michaels

5. Hold my Heart on the violin is Lindsey Stirling ft. ZZ Ward

6. Me Soltaste song by: Jesse y Joy

7. Vivir mi vida song by: Marc Anthony

These are the songs I can’t get enough of this month! I listen to them at home, in the car, and sometimes at work. I hope I’ve helped you discovered a new song that can also become your favorite. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and please comment down below and let me know what song is your favorite this month?

Have a magnificent Friday!

Peaceout with love! ✌ ❤ 

-Mar Mar

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